Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Personal Development: 101 Things You Must Do...


There are a lot of email feedbacks from my previous posting of "50 Ways to Improve Your Life".

Many people love the list. I finally figure out that lists are so attractive. Why not we together create a big 101 List?

Let me start the list first and I hope everyone can give us your own idea of "Things You Must Do" by adding comments to this message or by emailing me.

1. Learn a musical instrument.
2. Live in a place you love.
3. Save someone's life.
4. Visit all 7 natural wonders of the world.
5. Do a bungie jump.
6. Go up in a hot air balloon.
7. Invent something.
8. See the northern light.
9. Run a marathon.
10. Climb a really tall mountain.
11. Donate blood every year.
12. Ride an elephant.
13. Skiing in the snow.
14. Visit all 7 continents.
15. Write a love letter.
16. Float on Dead Sea.
17. Visit a Greek island in Aegean Sea.
18. Scuba diving.
19. Read 1,000 books.
20. Tell someone I love them.
21. Stay a night in a 6-stars hotel.
22. Register as a organs donor
23. Dye your hair.
24. See a musical in Boardway.
25. Learn First Aid.
26. Sponser a child.
27. Be a vegetarian, at least for a month.
28. See the Great Barrier Reef.
29. See an opera.
30. Type with 10 fingers.
31. Shop in the world's largest shopping mall. (It is near, South China Mall Dongguan, China)
32. Visit Taj Mahal.
33. Take a mud bath.
34. Send a message in a bottle.
35. Meditate.
36. Build a sand castle.
37. Find your hidden talent.
38. Write a poem.
39. Visit a third world country.
40. See a glacier.
41. Go on a train ride to Moscow.
42. Hold doors open for others.
43. See glow worms in the wild.
44. Skydive.
45. Walk the Great Wall of China.
46. Visit the Louvre.
47. Visit New Zealand.
48. Learn to say "No" without guilt.
49. Think before you act.
50. Learn social dancing.
51. Be free from debts.
52. Play, dance, laugh in rain.
53. Accept yourself.
54. Forgive someone who is unforgivable.
55. Live with no regret.
56. Walk the charity walk.
57. See a live valcano.
58. Find a long lost friend.
59. Do something to be proud about.
60. Love truly, madly, deeply.
61. Help an elderly person crossing street.
62. Scrapbook your life.
63. See a solar eclipse.
64. Walk in a tropical rain forest.
65. Visit Alaska.
66. Sit at the edge of a cliff.
67. See Mountain Everest.
68. Watch sunrise and sunset in the same day.
69. Write a letter to your future self.
70. Paint a picture.
71. Have a candle-light dinner.
72. Visit Niagara Fall.
73. See the pyrimids on Egypt.
74. Go on a fast.
75. Build your own website.
76. No fast-food for a month.
77. Go to a desert.
78. Visit the Vitican (even though you are not a Christian)
79. Send flowers to someone you love.
80. Live simply.
81. Find a best friend.
82. Take some more risks.
83. Lose weight if you are over-weighted.
84. Have a life goal and start to achieve it.
85. Take a cruise.
86. Learn something useless.
87. Drink Champagne.
88. Stand up for yourself.
89. Swim with dophin.
90. Fly first class.
91. Make a snowman.
92. Overcome a fear.
93. Donate old clothes to charity.
94. Learn to drive. (If you don't know how to drive)
95. Ride in a helicopter.
96. Volunteer for something.
97. Try caviar.
98. Learn another language.
99. Recycle anything that can be recycled.
100. Be kind to others.
101. ........

Hope you like the list. More importantly, please kindly send in your own ideas of "Thing You Must Do"


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