Monday, November 27, 2006

Personal Development: 50 Ways to Improve Your Life


I watched a TV show tonight. It is about studying Chinese in US. In the show, it mentioned about such list compiled by the U.S. News and World Report. Studying Chinese is on the list.

The list is very informative and useful. Hope you can get something out of it too.

1. Have your daily dose of omega-3
2. Soak up enough vitamin D
3. A little more pedaling pays off
4. When reading health studies, don't swallow everything
5. Pick the right pain pill
6. Fight colds by staying warm
7. Light up for night walks
8. Floss, floss, floss
9. Go for the power of whole-wheat flour
10. Do push-ups on the Power Plate

11. Think like a scientist
12. Study Chinese
13. Master the art of argument
14. Don't let tech distract you
15. Play video games
16. Meditate for brainpower
17. Join a singing group
18. Put together a puzzle

19. Pick the right credit card
20. Do your charity homework
21. Train your mouse to pay bills
22. Get a free gift from the bank
23. Keep an eye on your credit report
24. Make calls on the Internet
25. Invest in a vase

26. Buy a waterproof, fireproof safe
27. Look at HDTV
28. Hook up a fuzz-free TV antenna
29. Bundle up for indoor warmth
30. Get an all-in-one remote
31. Buy a better bulb
32. Capture your shows on a digital video recorder
33. Let Scooba wash your floors

34. Dive into a life-changing book
35. Champion a cause
36. Save a day
37. Don't race to racial judgments
38. Compose a living will
39. Be fearful of lying
40. Go for a spiritual retreat
41. Enjoy a Thai massage
42. Make room on your iPod for Marion
43. Eat it because it's yummy

44. Calls from telemarketers
45. Antibacterial soap
46. Homeopathy
47. Trans fats
48. Vitamin E capsules
49. ATM fees ATM

50. Bon Voyage

Hope you also find it helpful.

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