Friday, November 17, 2006

Hypnosis: Applying Family Constallation in Inner Mediation


Yesterday during Practice Group of Certified Hypnotherapist Program, I demonstrated a "new" way of doing Inner Mediation. I employed some ideas of Family Constellation in the Inner Mediation Process.

Many years ago, when I first came across Family Constellation, I found this skill can be very useful. However, what I saw was when someone was getting better, those who helped him/her might pick up emotions. "Is this necessary?" was the question in my mind.

I discussed with my fellow classmates and introduced them the Inner Mediation Process. I thought that we can apply Family Constellation into Inner Mediation and unnecessary emotions can be avoided.

People are not playing the family members' roles (where emotions are built in there), but the roles of client's inner personalities. From my point of view, those family members' roles are also the client's inner personalities, what he/she thinks/believes about his/her family members.

Not being played as family members, people will not take up those unnecessary emotions. (I do know that some people are quite addicted to help in the Family Constellation Process, because there is emotional release. The emotional release can help them to relieve their own internal stress. But since there is no learning gained, the internal stress and emotions can accumulate again. This can be very additive!)

A simplified version of this Inner Mediation Process is as below for your interest. I am not encourage you to try by yourself without proper training. My goal of this article is to discuss an alternative form of emotion-less process.

1. Do the same procedure of pretalk and pre-suggestions of the Inner Mediation Process to the client, but without hynotizing him/her.

2. Ask for the shape and size of the meeting table. Then ask for the number of seats as in Inner Mediation.

3. Request client to visualize the meeting table and seats in the physical space.

4. Then continue with the appearance of meeting participants. Ask the client to find the most suitable people around him/her (helpers) who could represent these inner personalities.

5. Mediate the meeting as in the Inner Mediation Process. Facilitate oponion gathering and mutual agreements.

6. Request for positive messages and learning from the client and then all other participants.

7. Repeat the positive messages and learning to them as suggestions.

BTW, I like to clarify that I am not saying Family Constellation is no good. They are great. I am just borrowing some of their concepts into this waking hypnosis process.