Friday, June 16, 2006

Where are the Ideas?


Today is the Ideas-Lead Econnomy. You generate ideas. You then turn the ideas into products/services. Our business can't be Consumers-Lead. Consumers just do not know what they really want in today's rapid changing world.

But where are the ideas? We thin, we search but we can't find them.

One thing is sure is that the ideas are not in our heads! We just can't think of any great idea out of nothing. Ideas are everywhere around us, but we just can't see them.


Because they are not in form of words. But we get used only to words. Everything around us are images. We can't see "Non-Words" ideas with a "Word" eyes. We need a different language to see these ideas - the Visual Language or using what I am going to say in my coming classes of the "Business By Design" Program, the Design Language.

See everything around you in form of Point/Line/Face, Shape, Value (Intensity), Texture and Colours. Then you start to "see" the ideas!!!