Monday, June 19, 2006

Path to Happiness


If you want to be Happy, you can do 2 things. Firstly, don't make yourself Unhappy. Then, make yourself Happy!

You can't be Happy when you are Unhappy. So, if you are Unhappy, you can't seek Happpiness. It doesn't works. You must make yourself not Unhappy before getting Happiness. When you are not Unhappy, you are in a Neutral State. It is the starting point to Happiness.

Simple? Yes.

When you like to have something, you are either needing, wanting or desiring for it.

Be clear about what you Need, then get them. This will make you not be Unhappy.

Then focus your effort and time in getting what you Desire. Acquiring them will make you really Happy.

Forget about all your "Wants". They can't make you very Happy or Unhappy!!!