Friday, June 16, 2006



I posted an article - 堅持自己的價值 in the current issue of our Excel Your Life Newsletter. (You can click here to read it)

One of our readers emailed me some questions. Here are my answers:

1. 我覺得在這一個社會裹,市場的眼光根本很難避免。
You are not going to avoid how the market see you. It is more important about how you see your own value. I am not talking about simply seeing yourself with high value. That is either 自欺欺人 or 自大. It is about whether you can see your true value and then enhancing it!

2. 根據你提供的文章(先有了最好的珠寶商的眼光}怎樣才能擁有?
Be a 最好的珠寶商!

3. 若一個心態壞的珠寶商,能從心中看出人生價值嗎?
Value is nothing about attitude. Attitude only affect one's making use of the things/people with value.

4. 文章提到( 我們的價值,不在於外面的評價,而是在我們給自己的定價),自己的定價能單從上學,看書得到嗎?
No. You can NEVER increase your value by studying. By definition: Market Value = Benefits / Price. You can increase your Market Value either by providing more Benefits to Buyer or/and reducing your Price. I do both.

Hope you find these answers useful.