Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hypnosis: Extremely Effective Self Hypnosis Suggestion


For many years, I am doing self hypnosis for myself everyday. (only 5 minutes a day)

I try to work out some suggestions that are really effective, so that I can use them again and again.

My version is based on the famous Coure's Formula. But I revised it to enhance its effectiveness. This Self Suggestions compose of 3 statements. The first one is the original Coure's Formula:

1. 每一日, 每一方面, 我都會變得越來越好

2. 我會留意自己每一日, 每一方面, 我都會變得越來越好

3. 就算唔好, 我都能夠想到方法令自己變得越來越好

This is a typical example of the Systemic Hypnotherapy that I taught in the Final Retreat of the Master Hypnotherapist Class. For our Master Hypnotherpapist Graduates, you should notice why adding point 2 & 3 can make the original formula becoming more effective.

Point 2 acts as a Positive Reinforcer while Point 3 acts as a Balancer to Point 1.

I do this for years and I do benefited from them. Try them yourself!