Friday, May 12, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is about Changes Part 5


This is the Part 5 of the article series of "Hypnosis is about Changes".

To recap what we had discussed in the last 4 parts:

Source > Problems/Factors > Symptoms

This is not the full picture yet. The Source cannot directly produce the Problem. For example, a boy who was frightened by his teacher cannot make him having fear with his boss. The former can be the Source of the latter. But there is a missing link between them. It can be something like this:

Source > Beliefs > Problems/Factors > Symptoms

The Source subsconciosuly induced a/some beliefs, which indirectly lead to the Problem. The boy, after being frightened by his teacher, can believe that all people senior than him can be threatening. This Belief causes the fear.

This opens up another door for hypnotherapists to work on the Problem. We can identify the Belief behind clients' Problem. When they shifted their Beliefs, they improve their Problems.

We can use hypnotic techniques like Inner Guidance, Inner Healer, Communicating with the Disease Entity, Hypnotic Uncovering Technique, or Ego States Therapy to identify the Meaning of the Illness or Problem. When the Meaning and/or Belief is exposed, if it is irrational, the clients can then gain understanding and learning.

We will talk about the last Element, Resultant, in our Part 6.