Friday, May 05, 2006

NLP: More Choices, More Confusion? 越多選擇,越為混亂?


This is a follow-up message for the previous message of "Problem Solving Models".

One of our readers emailed me another question which can help us understanding the Choices Concept of NLP even more. Here is the question:

"The more choices one has, the higher the possibility of getting his/her problems solved. But the more choices one has, the more confusion of managing choices is created."

This is the most frequent question asked about choices!

More choices lead to more confusion? This is a common misunderstanding about "Choices".

Choices are the available responses for a situation. They are the responses you can act. It is coming from within yourself. It is not an Option that was being provided by others. There is no decision process needed when making a choice. You select automatically the best choice to fulfill the situation you are facing. So, there is no confusion.

Each individual situation demands the most suitable choice from the pool of your available choices. If you do not have many choices, the most suitable one might not be a good one, and you are stuck!

Hope this explanation helps.

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P.S. Revised on Jan 7 2011.







你自動從各個可用的選擇中,找出最適合的,來應付你面對的每個不同情況;如果您沒有太多選擇的話,最合適的一個,也可能不是一個好的選擇,那麼,你就是所謂的膠著 (Stuck)了 !