Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Learning from Life: 361- 365


Glad to share with you my another five learning from life...

361. It is far better to ask stupid questions than to make stupid mistakes. 問笨拙問題,勝過犯愚蠢錯誤。

362. "No" is not a complete answer. 『不』不是一個完整答案。

363. You can do anything, but the only difficulty is which one to choose. 你可做任何事情,只是難在如何選擇

364. Not having problems is much better than having solutions. 沒有難題比擁有解決,更為優越。

365. Expanding your strengths is easier than strengthening your weaknesses. 擴大你的強項,遠較強化你的弱點,更為從容。

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