Monday, September 07, 2009

Coaching: Coaching is about Discovery Part 7 - Possibilities & Truth


This is Part 7 of this Coaching is about Discovery Series.

We only consider what we think is a truth in our mind. If something we think which is not true, we simply ignore it. This is another important source of blindspots - something which are out of our current awareness.

But how about if the "truth" is not really true, or if there are some other "truths" out there?

Coaching is about expanding clients' scope of awareness by inviting them to consider more possibilities, something which might possibly, but not absolutely being a truth. All until when they classify something being possible, they will not include it into their thinking, and in turn into the discussion with the coach.

It is our job to explain to our clients the difference between possibilities and truths. Everything is possible doesn't imply everything is true. There are various degree of truthness and it is not an either/or situation.

We challenge clients not by pushing them into higher goals or expectation. We challenge their toleration of possibilities by asking "why not?" and the possibilities of other possibilities.

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