Saturday, May 23, 2009

Facilitation: 12 Principles of Process Facilitation - Principle 11: Purpose of Facilitation


Here is Part 11 of the 12 Principles of Process Facilitation.

Facilitation is about making things easier and faster for a group of people. But what makes things easier and faster?

The core question is what is the main difference between a "group" and a "team"?

People use these 2 terms interchangeably, but they are totally different things. We always talk about "team-building", but we seldom heard of "group-building".

In a group, members work together but independently towards different hidden goals. However in a team, members work inter-dependently towards mutually agreed goals.

The productivity of a team is caused by Synergy. Synergy can only be created when people working together physically and mentally for the same goals. Facilitation is turning a "group" into a temporary "team" during the session.

Facilitation helps making the internal processes of individual members explicit so that everyone knows, understands and finally agrees on externalized means and ends of the "group". Then, a "team" is formed.

No team-building exercise or activity can be effective. They can be a "team" when "playing" the exercises. But when returning to work setting, "team" turns back into "group". Only when members getting used to working together physically and mentally can really build teams.

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