Thursday, April 09, 2009

12 Principles of Process Facilitation: Principle 8 - Conflicts Resolution (附中文翻譯)


Here comes Part 8 of the 12 Principles of Process Facilitation.

The core role of a facilitator is a Facilitator of Arguments!

People has different points of view, opinions and ideas. These can conflict with each others. It is just a matter of either voicing out the conflicts or not. Not voicing out doesn't mean there is no conflict.

If it is not voiced out, nothing can happen.

Both quarreling and argument is just the surfacing of the conflicts. Stopping them doesn't end the conflict but only internalize them. This makes further resolution even more difficult.  Quarreling is the conflict between people, while argument is the conflict between ideas. Facilitators promote rational arguments. Participants talk about both their opinions and the more important reasons behind.

Rational Argument enhances mutual understanding, ideas generation and eventually conflicts resolution. People understands the rationale behind others' conflicting opinions, and thus provides more ground for generating new ideas which can accommodate everybody's concerns.

We promote, or even foster rational argument in meetings.

中文翻譯:(Added Feb 7 2016)

這是流程輔引學 12 原理第 8 部分。







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