Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wisdom of a Coach: Part 1 - What do you want?


I am starting a new article series again! This is about the wisdom of a coach. These are wisdoms from a group of great coaches and of course I am not part of them.

These wisdoms can be applied on nearly any coaching occasions and in your daily life, too!

Here is your part 1.

Ask your client: What do you want out of this coaching session/discussion?

This question can be sometimes even more effective than our usual question of "What do you want to discuss with me today?". When people was confused by their issues, they might not be able to tell you what they want to discuss.

This new question puts your client in a mindset of the results they want and moves them away from their current problem situations.

This cannot solve their problems but can be a very good start.

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