Thursday, January 24, 2008

Concepts Behind My Programs: Advanced Hypnotic Suggestions and AWARE Therapy


Advanced Hypnotic Suggestions and AWARE Therapy is the Module 6 of our Certified Hypnotherapist Program.

In the module, we discuss how to enhance both the Acceptance and Power of hypnotic Suggestions. We also talk about the 25 skill-lets of the AWARE Therapy, which make people more aware of the possibilities about their situation so that they can gain more understanding from our SOBER Hypnotherapeutic Skills (e.g. Inner Regression, Inner Communication, etc) or in everyday life.

The core concepts behind this module are:

1. Become a person of Options, Not Procedure. If we see everything is Procedure, we will be stuck so easily as if we can't get through one single step in a Procedure, we are stuck.

2. Hypnotherapy is all about Reducing Resistance. If there is no resistance, even only one suggestion is given to the clients, your session will be effective. Any resistance might make that suggestion, or all of your suggestions, or your session, or even yourself being rejected by the clients.

3. Leading is the Core Cause of Resistance. You can never know whether your leading ideas will or will not be rejected by one's subconscious mind, even he/she agrees with it before induction. Your conscious mind and your subconscious mind can have different opinion. This is again one of the major causes of clients' problems - His/her conscious mind wants to change but his/her subconscious mind refuses to do so.

4. Content-less Questioning Promotes Awareness. Stuck is due to not able to be aware of the situation. Questioning helps. But if your question is full of Content, the Content hinders one's awareness. AWARE Therapy is the art of asking Content-less questions to unstuck.

5. Hypnotic Induction is just Facilitating a Change of State. No matter what kind of induction skills you are using, it follows the same principle behind. You create a inward focus and then a suggestion of change of state. You can design your own induction skill by simply following the formula taught in class.

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