Friday, January 25, 2008

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Tips to Achieve Your Goals


We set goals to achieve what we really want in the future.

Goal itself is not important as it is just the landmark towards the direction we are heading. But achieving the goals moves us nearer to our expected destinations, and this is important.

Here are my top 5 tips to achieve your goals:

1. Set the right goals. Are your goals pointing to the direction of your purposes, i.e. what you really want in the future?

2. Design several different routes to your goal. Before you start working on your goals, design several routes to achieve each goal. This can avoid trapping in any single way.

3. Re-check your goals. Periodically, re-check your goals to see whether they are still realistic and in the right direction to your purposes. Things change, and so as our goals.

4. Break down your goals. If it is a “big” goal, break it down into smaller sub-goals. This makes achieving the whole thing easier.

5. Reward yourself. Whenever you reach your goals or sub-goals, reward yourself. Any reward you like is OK. Might be a day off, a small present, a movie, etc.

The above 5 tips are only a small part of my bigger report of the Science of Goal Achievement, which includes 25 of my top tips in achieving more goals faster!

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Originally written on: Dec 26 2007