Saturday, June 16, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 1: You are not the Same Person Twice!


This is my new articles series - Concepts 101.

I live, teach and practice based on many concepts. Like presuppositions, they are not rules, laws or principles. They are not 100% correct. But they guide my decisions and my life.

I like to document all my concepts, making them consciously available to myself. There are more than 100 concepts I am using. So I make it be 101! I will continue to write to complete all the 101 concepts.

My first concept is: You are not the same person twice. Every second passed makes you a second older. You are different from a second ago. As time passes, we change. It can be better or worse, but we are not the same person any more.

You can read the same book 10 times and each time you get something new from it. The content of the book hasn't changed but you changed. It is just like the same book being read by 10 different persons. Just the act of reading the book already make you something different.

Something that is impossible in the past can become possible now or in the future!

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