Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Utilitarian Philosophy


Many people asked me what I am teaching.

This is quite difficult to answer. I am teaching a whole lot of stuff, from NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Facilitation, Business Design, Persuasion, Mentalogy, Creativity, Systemic Thinking...

Then I must not be a specialist!


I never want to be a specialist, master and/or guru.

Some people asked me whether I am teaching psychology. I must clarify that I am not teaching psychology. I am NOT a psychologist. I never have any education in Psychology.

I am teaching something very fundamental. I am teaching "Philosophy"!

It is very difficult to define philosophy. But most can agree that this is about questioning and creating theories about the nature of reality.

I always think that I am teaching "Utilitarian Philosophy", something we can use in our daily lives to understand more about our "reality". The more we can understand, our thoughts and actions become more "real".

No matter what I am teaching, I am talking about questioning ourselves and others to create some practical theories about our daily "reality".

This is what I am teaching.