Friday, October 06, 2006

Ideas & Solutions?


Why we can't get ideas?

Because we are thinking for solutions!

You have a problem. (If we don't have a problem, we do not need new ideas! Opportunities? Then you have either a problem of finding the opportunities or a problem of getting the opportunities, right?) Then, you want new ideas to solve the problem.

So, you are thinking for the solutions!

Solutions are something logical, practical, workable and useful. The only logical, practical, workable and useful solutions you can think of from nothing are those already existing. Then they are not new ideas!!!

Ideas, however, can be NOT logical, NOT practical, NOT workable, and NOT useful. But these ideas can induce discovery of new solutions!

To be creative, always start with ideas, lots of ideas. These lay down the ground for great solutions.

Creativity is generating new ideas!
Innovation is generating new solutions!

Creativity always comes before Innovation!