Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rules of a Therapist


I am right now in Thailand, studing some traditional Thai therapies. I study these because I wish to learn something different from what I had learned before, and something I don't really need. This might give me some new insights in other areas.

Something I found really interesting and impressive is about their attitude being a therapist.

They strongly emphaize the rules of a therapist in the program. These rules are simple and basic stuff. They are really good guidelines not just for a therapist, but for anyone else. Here are the rules:

1. Study Diligently.

2. Do not hope for any Gain.

3. Do not take Clients from other therapists.

4. Do not Boast about your knowledge.

5. Ask for Advices and Listen to people who know better than you.

6. Give thanks everyday to your Teachers.