Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Graduation of NLP Practitioner in Zhong Shan (中山)


I returned from Zhong Shan the day before yesterday.

Last weekend was the last module of NLP Practitioner Training, my first NLP Practitioner Program in Zhong Shan (中山) and in Mainland China.

It is only a very small class, but it is a great class.

Congratuation to all of our 7 graduates, 王蔚青、黃志強、黎德緣、方尉明、陳瑞霞、劉魯平、麥梅. Thanks again for your support in the past months. All of them are really smart people. I learned from them as much, or even more than they learned from me!

The best experience with them is that they all asked smart questions. This makes the class very interactive. Their smart questions forced me to think and deliver more.

Lesson Learned: Smart questions are more important than smart answers!


P.S. The same principle applies to Coaching. We ask good questions and expect our coachees giving great answers!