Thursday, February 02, 2006

Coaching: Does Coach Give Advice?


This is an old question. Some say yes and some say no.

My opinion is "NO".

If we coaches give advices, then what is the difference between a coach and a consultant and/or trainer?

Many authorities in our field will tell you to give advices when your clients ask you to do so. Their rationale is that when our clients need advices, it is then our responsibility to give.

I totally can't agree with this.

Your clients will surely need advices if you are willing to give. Everyone wants shortcuts to their problems. "Everyone" includes clients and coaches.

Coaches give advices only because they want to give.

It seems to be easier for coaches when they can't help their clients to find their own answers. Advices just block the clients' way for their own answers. Coaching minimizes dependence because we do not give advices. We "train" our clients to uncover their own, and to think wider and deeper. Giving advices reduces the width and the depth of clients' thinking. It hurts in a long run than help!

It is our profession to help others through questioning, just like a teacher helps his/her students through teaching. Could a teacher sit in the examination for his/her students simply because he/she can't teach them to be successful in learning?

Coaching has its limitations. When we can't help our clients through coaching, we can then discuss with them to seek other professional services in order to solve their problem, or refer them to a coach who can help them better.

Do I give advice to my clients? Yes, when it is an emergence. When my clients is going to hurt themselves or others, when they are going to do something illegal, I will just advise them to think again!

In many scenarios, coaching can't help much. But I still respect my profession. I do what I suppose to do!

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Updated: Apr 11 2015