Saturday, February 18, 2006

Life: What You Give, Returns


I posted the above message in last October. One of our friends recently send in his/her response as follows:

Hi Dr. If that's the case, then why do so many good people have bad lives and so many bad people seem to have good lives? I'm honestly curious.

I think that this is a good question, so I post my reply here:

Good question. There are so many reasons. Talk to a buddhist monk, he might give you even more insights.

Here are some of "my" reasons:

1. Good and bad people is a generalization. Does a good person does everything good? A bad person always bad?

2. Intention is another issue. The intention of doing something good or bad makes a difference.

3. Time is also another factor. In systems thinking, "delays" are something very common.

4. Things come back as opportunities. If one does not seize the opportunities coming to him/her, nothing good can be happened.

5. Focus is another issue. There are so many bad people getting bad results and good people getting good results. Focus on these people and count, you will be delighted to find good things do happen to good people and our prisons are so fully occupied.

6. "What you give, returns" is a belief that makes me keeping on giving. I choose to believe in this.

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