Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Criticizing Others


People criticizes!

You can always hear so many people criticizing others. Some even do something to hurt others without gaining anything. (Or they might think that they can gain something out of it!) I just wonder whether this is an inborn nature of human beings.

I can't escape from criticizing other, too. So I always remind myself to stop doing this. Not because I am a "good" guy and others are bad. It is simply because from my observation, those who criticize most are those who get least from their lives!

I did a modeling on this criticizing thing.

1. People criticize those above them. (Position, capability, earning...)
2. People don't criticize those who are very high above them. They admire them!
3. People don't criticize those who are too low below them. They feel pity about them.

So, when you know someone is critcizing behind you, feel happy. You must be higher above them! But be also reminded that you are not that high. They do not admire you yet!