Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Criticizing Others Part 4


This should be my final part of this series.

People criticizes!

This is a 向下沉淪 cycle. (BTW, I had identified 13 向下沉淪 cycles. I had already shared 7 in various occasions. This is the 8th)

This is a 向下沉淪 cycle because we only criticize people above us. The more we criticize, the more people are above us. That simply means that we are falling!

I decided not to step into this 向下沉淪 cycle. I formulated another strategy. (Being an NLPer, I like strategies and modeling!)

When I hear myself starting criticising (Adi), I stop and feel (Ki). It is a feeling of being threatened. I visualize what's threatening me (Vic). It should be a picture of he/she doing something better than me. I visualize how I can do it as him or her (Vic). I learn. Then I visualize how I can do it better than him or her (Vic). Then I try it physcially (Ke). I look for the result (Ve) as feedback. I improve further. I do not need to criticize any more, because I am better than or at least as good as him or her.

If you do not understand those strange NLP terms, my strategy is simply as follow: When I find myself starting critizing, I stop and think. He or she must be better than me. So I learn from his or her strengthen. Then I do not need to criticize as I am at least as good as him or her.

As I start to learn, I step into another cycle, the 向上提升 Cycle.