Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Criticizing Others Part 3


People Criticizes!

People criticizes simply because of protecting him/herself! So, I criticize, too. This is forgivable.

People criticize at others' back because of safety. So, I criticize at others' back, too. This is forgivable.

Safety? Yes. Some people take a further step forward. Even though criticizing at others' back is safer, it is not safe enough. So, they pretend to care about that poor guy in front of others. Then they safely insert their criticism within those kind words. What a smart strategy!

One can do this consciously or unconsciously.

Why do I said all these? This is just a reminder to myself. If I am really caring about someone, I will tell him or her directly. Or I will do something for him or her, but not saying anything behind others.

I wish that I can really do the above. So I write all these to myself!