Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Top 20 Innovative Companies in the World 2005


In the BiZuccess System Seminar Part 3, I mentioned the Top 20 innovative Companies in the World. I went through the list so fast that some of you might miss something. So, I work out a summary as follows.

20. BMW: Combines sleek design, advanced technology and web-based marketing.
19. Starbucks: Coffee Shop = Lifestyle.
18. IDEO: Input > Output
17. Amazon: Emphasizing customer's experience.
16. Intel: Ability to disrupt itself.
15. Ebay: Customer Power + Cheap Prices + Community.
14. Toyata: Using advanced technology to yield big market advantages, like hybrid cars.
13. Wal-Mart: Supply-chain and logistics superiority.
12. Samsung: Catches the pulse of the consumer.
11. Virgin: Air-travel = Lifestyle.
10. Nokia: Sharp Design + Changes Models Rapidly + Adds Features.
9. P&G: Understanding changing consummer lifestyles.
8. Google: Simple solutions to complex problems.
7. IBM: Uses its powerful IT base to solve customers' problems.
6. Dell: Ruthless cost-cutting and innovations.
5. Sony: Media Convergence.
4. GE: Management Practices ahead of competition.
3. Microsoft: Rapid changes of strategies when necessary.
2. 3M: Internal culture of creativity with formal incentives.
1. Apple: Redefine old categories.
(Source: The Business Week)

Different companies rely on different strategies of innovation to win over their competitors. This is the essense of innovation.

Keith To