Monday, February 05, 2007

NLP: Simultaneous Modeling


As I had mentioned millions times before, NLP is about Modeling. NLP is never about the NLP Patterns, NLP Models or NLP Skills that produced as a result of NLP Modeling Process.

No matter how many NLP Patterns, Models, or Skills you had learned (including the most famous Meta Model, Milton Model, Representational Systems, Fast Phobia Cure, Swish Pattern...), you still do not know NLP if you haven't learned and understand the NLP Modeling Process itself.

The usefulness of NLP is not just about modeling excellence in forms of Strategies and Models that we taught in the NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Program. It lies in Simultaneous Modeling of others and yourself during daily life. You meet someone or a situation, you can simultaneously model them during your interaction with them, all at the same time. So you can recognize their patterns and respond accordingly at each interaction.

There are limitations in any NLP Patterns and Models because they are the results of modeling someone else in the past. The one you are interacting with might not be similar to that someone else being modelled in the past. This is why some NLP Skills sometimes work while sometimes do not work.

The only model and pattern always work is the one you specially model for that situation - Simultaneous Modeling!

Modeling Excellence is not modeling excellence people and behaviours. It is Modeling to Excellence. Through modeling others, you continuously generate well-coping strategies to cater for the situation, you then achieve excellence.

I will incorporate this Simultaneous Modeling in all of my future NLP Programs. This is the Source-Codes of NLP. If you had already done my NLP Programs in the past, come and refresh and relearn (of course, at no charge)!!!

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