Thursday, September 24, 2020

Learning from Life: 386 - 390


Some more of my learning from life...

386. If you don't do what need to be done now, there will be more later. 現在要做不做,將來更多要做

387. To-do list is useless unless you read it. 待辦清單毫無作用,除非你會定期檢視它。

388. Reading to-do list is still useless unless you act on it. 檢視也是沒用,除非你會落實去完成它。

389. A to-do list is not a wish-list. 待辦清單不是「想做清單」

390.  A to-do list is just a list. What's in it matters more. 待辦清單只是一張清單,它的內容才是重要。

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