Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coaching: Coaching is about Discovery Part 8 - Clients' Assumptions


This is Part 8 of our Coaching is about Discovery Series.

In Part 6, we had discussed that one of the key causes of blindspots formation is false assumption, which are the unrealistic beliefs about ourselves and about the world.

Our assumptions affect how we form meaning when we come across anything outside or inside our mind. Our assumptions narrow our perception by selecting those data which match our beliefs. For example, if we believe X is important, X stands out in our perception no matter Y and Z are also out there.

Our assumptions also affect how we make meaning of the narrowed perceptions. If we believe X is same as Y, then what we percieved is Y even though it should be X in front of us.

A coach's major task is to uncover as many assumptions about the situation we are facing as possible. When we are not clear about our assumptions, it is our assumptions choosing meanings for us, instead of we choose to assign meanings to what we perceive. Then we are forced to accept the only choice presented to us. We have no choice!

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