Monday, September 15, 2008

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is about Changes Part 8 - Factors for Results


This is my newest update to the Hypnosis is about Changes Series. I had completed this series for almost 2 years. This is some additional information to my original system.

Hypnosis is about Changes is actually a systemic system. I teach the basic version in my Certified Hypnotherapist Program and the advanced version in the Master Hypnotherapist Program. This system gives you ideas on where one can intervene within and without the clients' system of problems.

The original formula (or system) is something like this:

Source > Beliefs > Problems/Factors > Symptoms/Factors > Results

But something is missed from it. There are Factors fostering the appearance of Problems & Symptoms. There can also be Factors for the element of Results.

Source > Beliefs > Problems/Factors > Symptoms/Factors > Results/Factors

Using our original example, our client wants to have a girl-friend, but his face always turns red in front of girls. If everything done is not successful or if interventions at other elements are not favourable to the clients, we simply shift the Results of the whole system. He can make friends with girls even his face is still red in front of them!

If he can think and speak clearly with a red face, his problem is "solved". This is the new Result we want to install. I had mentioned this in Part 6 and I am not going further into it here.

There must be something that can help him think and speak clearly in front of a girl. These are the Factors for the Results. It can be his ability to dissociate, or a feeling of calmness.

All these factors can be identified by using Inner Guidance, Inner Healer, Uncovering Techniques or the E.S. Therapy. Then we can install them by Suggestions.

To make working on Results effective, don't just install the Results, add as many Factors as possible!

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