Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is about Changes Part 6


This is the Part 6, the final part of the article series of "Hypnosis is about Changes".

To recap what we had discussed in the last 5 parts:

Source > Beliefs > Problems/Factors > Symptoms

This model reflects 5 locations we hypnotherapists can work on with our clients. This enhances our flexibility. But the picture is not yet completed. Here is the 6th element.

Source > Beliefs > Problems/Factors > Symptoms > Results

Clients come to you sometimes due to the Symptoms, and sometimes due to the Results. They might be asking for help on their red face when meeting the opposite sexes, or they might be requesting for help in their difficulties in having a boy/girl friend. The former is the Symptoms while the latter is the Results.

We can help the client to change the results without changing any of the previous 5 elements. He can still having red face when meeting girls, but he can be able to talk with them even with a red face.

When we can't do anything with all the 5 other elements due to whatever reasons, we can add/remove/change some other behaviours to achieve an alternative but improved result. We can do this by Hypnotic Suggestions, Inner Guidance, Inner Mediation or Ego States Therapy. The original problem still exists, but the client gets a better result.

When I was dealing with very old-aged clients, or when the pain from the Source was too great for him/her to touch on his/her Source, Beliefs, Problems, or the Source and/or the Belief was too repressed that we can uncover nothing, I will just handle his/her Results.

This is the final part of this series, and I hope you can get a fuller picture on hypnotherapeautic intervention.

I plan to start another series on blind-spots. Hope you can find it useful too.