Friday, September 15, 2006

Fight or Flight Instinct


I talked about human instinct in our NLP Program. Why?

1. We are animal, we have instinct. This is the most powerful drive. This Fight or Flight instinct keeps us alive. Accepting this fact makes us evolving beyond it. Ignoring it keeps us controlled by it.

2. What makes us human, not just an animal? We are controlling our instinct or our instinct is controlling us.

Do a simple game on yourself. Observe yourself - are we always fight or flight when something happens?

If your answer is "yes", then you are controlled by your instinct!

When we see everything happening is "threatening", then we automatically go into the fight or flight instinct. We attack, physically or verbally (督), or we ignore, escape, retreat, side-slip (縮).

So, when we find ourselves always in the 督 and 縮 cycles, we are just an animal. Human has a much broader spectrum of responses!

Think, and we can have much more responses than just the 2 reactions!