Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Personal Development: Success = Happiness?!


Thanks a lots for all the comments about my last posting on "Success = Happiness?".

Most of you disagrees. I disagree too.

My opinion:

Success = Getting what you think you want. (i.e. it could be your goals, if you have)

If it is what you really want, you will be happy. But what you do might not something you really want!

If what you want is money. Earning money can make you happy. But if you just want what money can bring you, e.g. stability, earning lots of money can't make you happy. You will be happy until you turn the money into stability, like savings in bank. Spending the money will make you even more unhappy. It reduces what you really want - stability!

There is a 2-Steps Process to make your Success = Happiness. Share with you in my next posting.

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Updated: Aug 15 2008