Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Success Secrets of Andy Grove, CEO of Intel


The current issue of Fortune Magazine (Dec 12 2005) tells the success story of one of the greatest CEO in US, Andy Grove.

The company grows and grows even there are so many computer hardware competitors around the globe.

I encourage you to get the magazine and read the article. Here is my short summary of it:

There are at least 3 success secrets of Mr. Grove:

1. He tests his assumptions. If the assumptions are wrong, the conclusions can't be right!

2. He observes himself objectively. He writes daily journal. He calls this Self-Education. This helps him understanding his thinking.

3. He encourages others to challenge him. Their inhouse training school trains their executives to challenge their colleagues and superiors by asking for evidences.

Even though Mr. Grove is not doing coaching, he is coaching himself to see his own blindspots. What a smart man!